In accordance with the Biblical teachings about fellowship and the Lord’s Supper, and in keeping with the tradition of the ancient Christian church, Zion Lutheran Church of Avilla practices close(d) communion.  Should you desire to partake of the Lord’s Supper at Zion, we ask that you first agree with the teachings of this church.  Those who commune with us must already be baptized, and must have been instructed in the meaning of the Lord’s Supper which is usually done in either junior confirmation classes or adult confirmation classes. We require folks to first be instructed out of care and concern for those who come among us, for Scripture teaches that if someone partakes of the Lord’s Supper without discerning the true nature of what is happening, then they can be spiritually harmed. (1 Cor. 11:29)  Those who commune with us at our altar trust in Jesus as our only Savior from sin and eternal death.  Those who commune with us come to the communion rail seeking God’s forgiveness that is given to us during the Lord’s Supper and believe that we receive the actual substance of Christ’s body and blood in, with, and under the bread and wine for the forgiveness of all our sins.  Those who commune with us sincerely repent and turn away from our sins seeking to follow and serve Jesus and avoid sin in our lives.  If you have any questions about our beliefs and practices - which are based upon God’s Word, our Pastor will be happy to speak with you in person, or by phone, texting, or email – which ever method you feel most comfortable with.   

 We welcome all to worship at Zion to come and hear the Word of God. At Zion, we believe worship is where we receive the wonderful gifts of God -- His law and His Gospel. God comes to those who have faith and bestows forgiveness through his means of grace. We hope all to come and hear this message because "faith comes from hearing the Word of God" (Romans 10:13-17). Please join us at the following times:



8:30am (Traditional) -- Divine Service with Holy Communion

Coffee and Snacks in Fellowship Hall following first service

9:50am                   -- Family Bible Hour

11:00am (Blended)  -- Divine Service with Holy Communion



5:45pm                 -- Bible Study

6:15pm                  -- Service of the Word

6:45pm                 -- Food Pantry Ministry

Wednesday (Lent)

6:30 pm




8:00am                     -- Men's Bible breakfast (led by Pastors Schleider & Woerner and held alternately at Zion or Friends in Christ Lutheran Church on the third Saturday of the month)


*Please read the following communion statement below and feel free to contact the office with any questions: