In response to God's love for us and as commanded in God's Word, we at Zion are an active congregation in outreach and love to our neighbors. These things include having an active youth group, bible studies, service projects, and more. We also support a Pre-school and K-12 Lutheran School, a community garden, and a food pantry ministry all at Zion.


We also have a group that makes Compassion Meals every month to provide comfort to those in need. 


In addition to these ministries, A small percentage of our weekly offerings goes to help support Lutheran Bible Translators, Matongo Theological College, and Rev. Roy Askins. Lutheran Bible Translators seeks to provide God's Word in every language. Matongo Theological College, Neema University, is a Kenyan Lutheran Seminary that trains up pastors who will serve in Africa. Rev. Roy Askins serves as a missionary in Hong Kong. He is the director of communications for that area and works with other LCMS personnel serving in the Asia region to communicate the Gospel through social and other media outlets. At Zion, we believe that the saving message of Jesus Christ is meant for all people of all nations, and hope all to hear this Good News. 


Feel free to Contact Us with any questions regarding outreach at Zion.